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La Sin Miedo – a cultural oasis

Love it when somewhere new springs up in the barrio. Particularly when it seems to cater to my very unique collection of tastes: dancin’, yoga, nice coffee, advocado, weirdy beardy workshops and friendly faces.

A few months ago at the bottom of my street a fairly discreet shop front opened. I love my road (La Avenida de la Cruz Roja), but a pulsing hub of coolness it is not. The most excitement to be had is at the knitting shop, where impatient woolsmiths sit outside on fold up chairs, desperate to get their hands on the assortment of knitting materials within.

So ‘La Sin Miedo’ (the fearless), with its understated coolness kind of stood out, even though I wasn’t sure exactly what it was.

Turns out it’s a kind of gender, cultural, artsy café with an unexpected interior courtyard out the back. Opened by sisters Noe and Icia, the space has been in the family for years, originally being a carbonería (coal yard) and then a family bar. It had remained empty and unused for many years, despite Noelia and Icia’s parents living upstairs. So they decided to breath new life into it and create their own personal cultural oasis in the depths of the Macarena.

I got to know it through my twice weekly African dance classes, which are housed in the multi-use space behind the courtyard (regular classes also include yoga and jazz). But almost every evening as I pass by with my dog in tow, I see small groups of people deep in concentration listening to poetry recitals, literary presentations or enjoying some sort of exhibition.

image courtesy of La Sin Miedo

There is a gender awareness and creative vibe that permeates throughout La Sin Miedo’s activities, but that’s not to say that men aren’t welcome, as come the warm evenings, the courtyard has that familiar buzz of clinking cruz campo bottles and animated, non gender specific conversation.

Breakfast is also a winner, as long as it’s after 10am. The coffee is smooth and leaves the oesophagus intact, there’s tostada with lesser frequented toppings like advocado, cheese, vegetarian paté, plus Greek yoghurt and muesli. And for the rest of the day you can find homemade quiches, homemade cakes and biscuits, all with a healthy, vegetarian air.

So the moment has come to be fearless and venture into ‘La Sin Miedo’.

La Sin Miedo, Avenida de La Cruz Roja 62

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